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...where adults aren't the only ones allowed to look nice!

Recently I've noticed a steady increase in the demand for Name-Brand-Kids-Clothes, but the problem is finding them.

That is why I developed this site...

My site is dedicated to bring you the Latest and most Exclusive Name-Brand-Kids-Clothes available on the internet.

So grab your little one, take a look around and remember... adults aren't the only ones allowed to look nice!

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My Top Sites
My Top Sites
Boys Name Brand Clothes
Links to sites that carry boys name brand clothes.
Girl Name Brands
All the name brand female clothes that offer clothes for children too.
Kids Rocawear
Ralph Lauren
Brief histroy on Ralph lauren and where to find Kids Ralph Lauren
Ed Hardy
Your inside peep at the newest and most exclusive Kids Ed Hardy out to date!
Kids Coogi
Born in Australia, raised in Europe and growing up on the streets of America Coogi is truly an international brand.
Apple Bottom
Your inside scoop on all the children Apple Bottom clothes
Exclusive Name Brands
This page offers you an inside look at the newest and most exclusive name brands out today.
Artful Dodger
Artful Dodger is a singular mind and purpose: to cause mischief and have fun doing it.
Kids Size Charts
Newborn, Toddler, Little Boys and Girls, Big Girls, Big Boys, Shoes, and Sock Kids Size Charts.
How To Measure Your Kid
How to measure your kid Height, Chest, Waist, Hips, and Inseam.
The Myth Behind Coogi
The Myth Behind Coogi
Kids Akademiks
Where to find kids Akademiks Clothes?
Kids Ecko
Since the late 90s Ecko Unlimited has dominated the hip-hop, skate/extreme sport and designer fashion markets.
Heelys "The Shoes that Roll"
Heelys... Every kids dream shoe… Providing the ability to walk, run and roll simply by shifting their weight to their heels.
Kids Baby Phat
Baby Phat is a lifestyle for he glamorous woman who is everything hip-hop and everything fashion
Kids Crocs
Praised for their comfort, bright colors, light weight, and heretofore unique design Crocs can be found all over the world.
Kids Sperrys (Top-Siders)
Kids Sperrys AKA Top-Siders… Like the Crocs these comfortable shoes were originally created as boater shoes because of their slip resistant soles.
Kids Wetsuits
Alright for those of you who don’t know, a wetsuit is a protective garment used for water sports. This page is dedicated to delivering Kids Wetsuits.
Sean John
Founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs in 1998 this line produces a collection of upscale urban clothes that appeal to the varied tastes of today’s kids.
Kids Enyce
Established in 1996 Enyce is an American made Hip Hop fashion label. Currently owned by the world famous Liz Claiborne Inc.
Embracing the style and the flair of hip-hop’s infant years ( 80s and early 90s) this brand is determined to turn back the hands of time to when In Living Color and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air set the tre
LRG "Lifted Research Group"
LRG was founded by Jonas Bevacqua and MC Robert Wright in 1999. The two had originally started off selling out of a booth in Orange County, California.
Dr Jays
If not the first the Dr Jays was one of the first hip hop stores to ever grace the fashion industry.
AND1 History
The name AND1 comes from a phrase used by basketball broadcasters: when player makes a shot while being fouled, and is sent to the free throw line for and additional shot.
Kid Shoes - When to go shopping? And what to look for?
Theirs a lot of different styles of Kid shoes to choose from, so you’ll need to know how to buy the right first pair.
Tips for buying kids shoes
A couple of tips you may need to know when buying kids shoes.
Tips and Tricks
Little tips and tricks I found floating around the internet!
Disney Clothes - Bring the magic home to your kid.
Who doesn’t want to experience the magic of Disney world? Honestly I’m 22 and I’m still not too old to want to go to Disney world.