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Few know that AND 1 initially began as a graduate school project done by Seth Berger, Jay Coen Gilbert and Tom Austin at University of Pennsylvania.

The name AND1 comes from a phrase used by basketball broadcasters: when player makes a shot while being fouled, and is sent to the free throw line for and additional shot. In other words the phrase AND1 means they get the basked “and 1” free throw


Their icon is the ultimate basketball player! A faceless and raceless athlete to whom power and perfection is ascribed by all.

They made their mark with the trash talk tees and hook ups that included bigger, baggier, shorts and expanded its apparel line to include head and ankle apparel.

In 1996 Stephon Marbury became the first spokesman for AND 1 and started his own name brand AND1 shoe called “Starbury.” After signing Latrell Sprewell they launched one of the most acclaimed advertising campaigns-the American Dream.

In the summer of 1999 AND1 became product partners with FootAction, which evolved into a national program. They gave out approximately 200,000 free AND1 Mix Tapes in about 3 weeks with every purchase. The beauty of the program was that every kid who bought something-anything-in Footaction got a Mix Tape from AND 1. This promotion became one of the most successful in U.S. retail history.

Since 98% of all high school athletes will not receive an athletic scholarship, let alone get to the NBA, AND1 donates 5% of its profits to charities with an emphasis on youth and education. Donations since 1993 have totaled over $1.3 million dollars including over $200,000 to September 11 Disaster Relief Funds.

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