Baby Phat

Baby Phat

Founded by Russell Simmons in 2000 when he decided to add on to his Phat Farm runway show by adding micro tees emblazoned with the words “Baby Phat.”

Shortly after, these shirts became very popular when models like Tyra Banks and Claudia Schifer were spotted wearing them. It took no time for the word to get out and the demand for Baby Phat tees sky rocked and inspired an entire line of Baby Phat apparel.

Today Russell’s wife Kimora Lee Simmons heads up the Baby Phat line as the President and Creative Director.

Born in St. Louis Kimora has been in the fashion industry most of her life.

Starting at the age of 13 she began modeling for designer Karl Lagerfeld and the house of Chanel of Paris and others. Today she has established a reputation as a savvy businesswoman.

Her vision never stopped with clothes. Baby Phat also has a smorgasbord of phone accessories, lingerie, handbags, shoes and swimsuits.

Kimora also has her own personal collection of clothes and makeup called KLS.

The Baby Phat logo is that of a sleek cat, which was inspired by Kimoas’ very own phat cat (Max), who had been a part of her life since she was eight years old. (Max recently passed away)

Theirs no missing these eye-catching hip-hugging jeans that represent everything that is feminine and fun and the brand continues to take fashion to hew heights.

“Baby Phat is a lifestyle for he glamorous woman who is everything hip-hop and everything fashion.”

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