Brief history on Coogi


Born in Australia, raised in Europe, and growing up on the streets of America, Coogi is truly an international brand. Its heritage as an Australian Brand inspired its classic vibrant patterns and colors palette true to the wild and authentic bravado that is Australian heritage.

Acquired by the Weisfeld Group of Companies in 2003 one of the first charges was to add the element of high end apparel which naturally brought them first to design houses of Malan and then to the heart of New York where they tapped into a more sophisticated luxe look... perfect for the aspirational need of today's young man. Coogi's greatest asset is still its 36-year history, reaching back into 1969. There unusual knitting technique and twisted yarn sweaters, makes the brand easily recognizable. Coogi design concepts are based on four fundamental factors:

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1. Color (vibrant and tumultuous)

2. Movement (swirling serpentine knits and amazing intrinsic detail)

3. Pattern (intricate layers of different depths and positions)

4. Texture (luxurious, extremely buttery hands, and smooth feels)

Add to that mix a dedication to detail and quality and you have a tough brand to beat. And it's no surprise that the brand is on fire since they continually strive to bring unique, quality merchandise to the marketplace.

"We are, and have always been, the epitome of the iconic luxury urban brand" says Barrie Blue (Lead designer), "for the discriminating upscale urban consumer". "If there’s a new technology in design we are on top of it immediately. It’s an obsession around here"

The customer recognizes and associates our brand with uniqueness, and a look that is totally our own identity", and that look has been totally their own for 36 years.

Whether you see it on a show or on the street a Coogi sweater is unmistakable.

With the move of design from Australia, to Milan and now to the heart of New York City the brand is known for much more than sweaters.

On top of that Coogi has now released a line of kids clothes that have met and exceeded the expectations of its loyal customers.

You can expect big things to come for this line.


Coogi just released its latest line of clothes so make sure you check out the links below to stay on point!

Here's a list of links that I found that carry kids coogi...

Kids Coogi

(mad I can only find one link on the internet that sells kids coogi!)

Coogi's Rlated Links... This is pretty much Coogi's home page. You can also find their new line of female clothes on this site too.

Demos recently started carrying Coogi. I haven't seen any sign of them carrying kids Coogi yet but they do have some nice stuff.

Coogi Updates

Coogis' new line of Woman Clothes is RECIDULOUS!

Trust me... its HOT!

Their have been a lot of rumors going around Coogi… So I made a page about it

The Myth Behind Coogi Check it out and let please, please... let me know if you know whats going on.