Disney World

Who doesn’t want to experience the magic of Disney world? (trick question) Honestly I’m 22 and I’m still not too old to want to go to Disney world.

I’m sure your kid feels the same way, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to go and experience the magic in person.

But why would you? When you can bring the magic home to them!

Try doing something magical for you kid in your own home… something as simple as turning buying them a Disney bear that has a story line behind it that will keep them holding on forever.

Or you can take it to the extreme and turn their entire room into a magical playground. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to come home to Disney world every day?


Brief History

Starting off as an art studio in the 1920s. For more than eight decades the Disney name has been preeminent in the field of family entertainment.

Its founder Walter Elias Disney fostered the spirit of creativity, innovation and excellence which continues to underlie all of the company's success.

From the days of Steamboat Willie in 1928 to know. Walt Disney has stood firm by its mission to of providing quality entertainment for people around the world.

No matter if your 2 and just learning to use to potty, or if your 52 and on the verge of retirement. When you visit Disney World the magic puts you in a world you can only dream about.