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If not the first then Dr Jays was one of the first hip hop stores to ever grace the fashion industry.

Dr Jays opened their first doors in 1975, in the South Bronx section of New York.

Just so happened Hip-Hop had is origins in the same neighborhood around the same time.

Since then Dr Jays has been and the forefront of Hip Hop fashion. Some even say they are the pioneers of providing urban fashions.

Today Dr. Jay’s and hip hop go hand in hand, carrying a complete inventory of fashion, footwear, accessories, and kids clothes.

With the coming of the information age Dr Jays adapted again to maintain the leader in providing hip hop fashion by going online with DrJays.com. This website enables them to share their passion for urban fashion with millions of consumers world-wide.

I bet you can’t google an urban name brand and not find Dr. Jays at the top of the search.

“Dr. Jay's was there as urban fashion was born in the inner-city, and continues to expand today both online and offline, as urban fashion breaks free of all geographic and cultural boundaries”

Dr Jays has 19 stores all exclusively located in the New York area, but why build more stores when you have a website that sells your products on the other side of the world. Most urban stores like DEMOs have a chain of stores located all across the US, but Dr Jays has developed a brand and a reputation so strong that has even international shoppers bypass the internet and travel all the way to the New York Metropolitan area just to experience the legendary Dr. Jay’s selection and service in-person.

Kids Clothes

Yea yea yea… I know this site’s suppose to be about kids clothes… I got a little side tracked..

Jus follow the links below to check out their kids selection



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