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In only 2 years Ed Hardy has succeeded in taking the fashion industry by storm and quickly became a household name.

This has ultimately led its creator, Christian Audgier, to becoming the king of the designer T-shirt. He first received national recognition when he put Von Dutch Originals on the map by using the idea of pinstripe designs, which he developed into an international brand.

His association to Von Dutch lasted a little over 3 years before he decided to start his own company once he was granted the exclusive rights to work with the designs of tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy.

Teamed up with the tattoo designs of Don Ed Hardy, the godfather of tattoo, Audgier repeated his incredible success.

Today you can find celebrities such as Madonna, Lil Jon, T-Pain, Vida Guerra, and Omarion all wearing the ironed on tattoo design of Ed Hardy.

Ed Hardy, New York

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