Established in 1996 Enyce is an American made Hip Hop fashion label. Currently owned by the world famous Liz Claiborne Inc.

Established in New York by Evan Davis, Lando Felix and Tony Shellman.

These co-founders had originally met while working for Seattle-based clothing brand international news.

Liz Claiborne acquired the company in 2004 for $114 million. At that time Enyce was ranking in $95 million annually, competing with top of the line labels such as Sean John and Rocawear.

“En-Nee-Chay” by some and “N-Y-C” by others… Most people struggle with the correct pronouncing of the brand but I assure you the Enyce name was meant to sound out “En-Nee-Chey”

By 2000 the Brand made its way to one of the most respected brands on the Hip-Hop fashion market and expanded into an woman’s line with “Lady Enyce”

Today Enyce’s design is probably the best mix of cutting edge fashion, sophistication, and high quality product rooted in American Sportswear.

Where to buy Kids Enyce?

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