Exclusive Name Brands

This page is dedicated to bring you the latest and most exclusive name brands out...

Hopefully I can use this page to educate everyone on what brands that are out there and start a pole that I can send out to persuade the manufacturers to start a kid’s line.

Artful Dodger

As of right now my favorite brand is Artful Dodger. Why? Because if you look around and check out what everyone else is wearing, everything looks the same.

Artful Dodger thinks outside the box and offer more than just clothes... they offer individuality.

They don't have a kids line yet but check them out and let me know what you think...

Crown Holder

I’ve been told that Crown Holder made by the same people that make Coogi...
As of right now I’m still searching for the answer… it’s nearly impossible to find anything about it though.

LRG "Lifted Research Group"

LRG Clothing, L-R-G Streetwear, Lifted Research Group fashions, or the Roots People; No matter what you call the streetwear clothing brand officially known as LRG, you know LRG clothing is one of, if not the hottest brand from it's inception in 1999.


Parish... Representing LOUDLY!

Founded by the previous owners of Enyce, this brand makes its own stand against time by embracing the style and flair of 80s.

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