Baby Shoes

For the first several months of your babies life things are pretty easy… at least when it comes to shoes.

Since they don’t walk until their about a year old theirs really no need for them. All they have to worry about at this point is keeping their feet warm… shoes and socks work perfectly! And if you really like to be flashy they buy them some footies.

Once they decide to become mobile and explore the world a little closer… then they’ll need something to support their tiny feet.

Theirs a lot of different styles of baby shoes to choose from, so you’ll need to know how to buy the right first pair.

When to go shopping?

Newborn’s feet don’t have the same proportions as adult feet. If you take a closer look you’ll notice that they are nearly squared, with a wide breadth and a high instep. As your kid grows their feet lengthens and becomes more useful for standing and walking.

If you want more info on whether or not your baby needs wide-width shoes CLICK HERE I found this site really helpful.

Like adults the bones in your baby’s feet spread out as the day goes on. That means the best time to take your little one shopping is in the afternoon. Otherwise you run the risk of buying your baby shoes that fit at first but become tighter the more they wear them in.

What to look for?

Most may not realize at first but theirs a lot of different types of baby shoes to choose from. Some have traditional shoe strings and some have Velcro. If you think about it at that age Velcro straps would be the perfect kind to get because they are easier to put on your babies feet, at the same time they’re easier for your kids to take off and loose as well.

I know this site is called name-brand-kids-clothes but take my word for it. At this point in your child’s life you shouldn’t be looking for the “cutest” pair. You should be looking for the right style instead.

High top shoes offer the best support for weak, undeveloped ankles. They also stay on their feet better.

That doesn’t mean you can buy them tennis shoes or sandals… I’m just saying high tops offer the most support!

Try to look for shoes that are made with leather uppers. Leather is durable, provides a strong support for your baby’s feet, and is breathable allowing air to circulate around your baby’s feet so they don’t sweat.

The soles should be smooth and flat. They’re just learning how to walk and a heel only makes it harder.

When your first try to figure out the right size for your baby, you can simply place the sole of the shoe flat against your baby’s foot. But to really fit it you will have to put the shoes on your baby’s feet, tie the laces or fasten the Velcro. Then have your baby stand up so the bones in their feet are spread out. Feel the toe part of the shoes, make sure theirs enough room between their toes and the end of the shoes that you can place your thumb between. This space will give their toes some wiggle room, and room to grow.

Unlike adults, baby’s feet grow and alarming rates… before you know it your’re going to be revisition the shoe store to buy a size bigger!

Typically, your baby will need a new, larger pair of shoes every couple of months