Kids Wetsuits

Alright for those of you who don’t know a wetsuit is a protective garment used for water sports.

Alright I'm not going to go into too much more detail about wetsuits… but if you want to know all the details check out

Warm-water made from thin open-sell neoprene, this provides limited thermal protection from cold waters, but protects your kid in warm waters from sun exposure.

Cold-water wetsuits on the other hand are built differently. They have leak-proof seams and retain body heat by trapping a layer of water against the skin that acts as an insulator, and protect you from the cold for about an hour in shallow waters. Usually lined with nylon to strengthen it and make it easy to put on and off. Newer models contain spandex in addition to neoprene to allow the suit to stretch more. Wetsuits on wiki… it breaks EVERYTHING down for ya!

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