LRG "Lifted Research Group"

Founded by Jonas Bevacqua and MC Robert Wright in 1999.

The two had originally started off selling out of a booth in Orange County, California.

Selling 300 pairs of pants, 4 styles of hoodies and 4 styles of shirts by noon on their very first day they know they were on to something big! Struggling for the first 3 years, but today the brand is highly successful.

"At the time the market was very defined as in; you're either skate, or you're surf, or you're urban as in Hip Hop... I hate even using that term. I feel like we were the first ones to really bridge the gap between these worlds... not really on purpose either, it was more just a reflection of what Robert and I are into. We're into gear, we're into skateboarding, we're into all different kinds of music," said Jonas in an interview about LRG clothing previously.

History of LRG Clothing & Photoshoot

Recently they expanded into a womens line known as Luxire by LRG, which grew much faster, creating a demand from women’s Hip Hop and streetwear fashion culture in less than a year.

By far… LRG’s most popular peace is the LRG Dead Serious Hoody which some call the Skeleton Hoody or the Skull Hoody. After being seen worn first by Kanye West the Dead Serious hoody took 2007 by storm, creating a fashion demand for LRG’s trendsetting hoodies that were so high, Hip hop clothing retailers were selling out of the hoody at prices starting around $225.

You be the judge...

I found some suspect LRG spiderman hoodies online that I’ve never seen before… you be the judge