Sean John

“It’s not just a Label…” Founded by Sean "Diddy" Combs in 1998 this line produces a collection of upscale urban clothes that appeal to the varied tastes of today’s kids.

Reflecting the dichotomous style that is associated with its founder offering hip Urban gear ranging from track suits to coveralls, this collection also presents cool stylish piece that include sweaters, leather bomber jackets and contemporary suits.

The name Sean John is taken from Diddy’s first and middle name.

In 2006 Diddy decided to take his brand to the next level by launching a men’s fragrance called unforgivable which was manufactured by Estee Lauder. I’m not going to lie… for a while I couldn’t stand Diddy and his arrogant swagger but at the same time I had to respect him. This guy has completely changed the hip hop game all around from music to fashion Diddy never settles for less than perfection!

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