The Myth Behind Coogi

In 2002 the deal was signed and Coogi was purchased by Norman and

Bruce Weisfeld and Jimy Khezrie.

This purchase saved Coogi from the Australian equivalent of bankruptcy.

With help from

Samsung the brand known for its signature multicolor knits, was ready for its global relaunch.

Today the company has 4 new lines:
Coogi Australia
Coogi Authentic
Coogi Woman
Coogi Kids

The F. Crown Myth

I've been hearing rumors that F.Crown ( Crown Holder ) is made by the same people who make Coogi.

Whats really going on with Coogi?

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Bruce Weisfeld graduated fro Brandeis University in 1983 with a degree in Economics. Attended Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and graduated in 1996.

Practiced real Estate law at Williams Real Estate as Associate General Counsel and formed Alliance Worldwide, Inc., with his brother Norman Weisfield.

Alliance Worldwide’s focus is in making, marketing and distributing various clothing lines.


Today Bruce is the Managing partner of Fubu and Coogi.

FUBU which represents determination, excellence, and boldness, is sold in 60 countries and is probably the most recognized urban clothing brand in the World.

Drunknmunky In 2003 he joined forces again to buy Drunknmunky clothing brand, which caters to young men, juniors, girls and boys.

Mr. Weisfeld also owns and operates the Willie Esco Clothing brand which caters to the Latino young men’s clothing market.